Everybody should be quiet near a little stream and listen

[This poem was heavily inspired by an illustration (scroll down for it), which I first saw in this article.]

Everybody should be quiet near a little stream and listen.
Blast your iPods at the rapids, take your selfies in the ocean,
Discuss TripAdvisor ratings on some New Year’s eve cruise,
Restrict the screaming and splashing to chlorinated swimming pools.
Snow-fight all you want on your next Arctic expedition,
But when near a little stream, be quiet, and listen.

From the snow-melts of dawn flows this glittering little stream,
Watch the whiteness turn blue and the dancing waters gleam.
The dark night landscape becomes rocks, jagged and brown,
But see the round, grey pebbles in the water flow down;
In the splendor of the morning sun the golden droplets glisten.
What better thing to do than just observe, and listen?

Sit back and watch the consummate photographer: nature,
Who has immaculate exposure and the perfect aperture;
She’s got the warmest warms and the tintiest tints,
Comes with unlimited storage and lightning-fast sync.
No need for a labored hashtag or artificial sepia,
So put away those contraptions and just quietly sit here.

By Krauss & Sendak, via BrainPickings.

While it’s nice to know you’ve got a portable subwoofer,
I’ve come all the way here for the sound of the water.
Hear the whispers and murmurs in its miniature splashes,
The tinkling laughter that comes and goes in flashes;
There is song and music in the rapid flow aplenty,
So why subject yourself to the latest Top Twenty?

You can stretch out your legs and lean back on the grass,
Feel your thoughts wheel about like the distant fading stars,
Watch them flit around like lively butterflies in a mist,
Gather up and treasure them, as would a lepidopterist;
Let the infectious morning calm invade your restless mind
In the solitude of dawn let your tired soul unwind.

On the edge of the horizon the sun, uncertain, lingers,
Observe the minutes and the seconds slip through your numb fingers
And slow down as clocks pause, in the blue-orange silence;
Sense the dancing waters drub even time into compliance.
You’ve got a front seat for life’s greatest exhibition,
So why not take a deep breath, be quiet and listen?