I had an old room

I had an old room
It was yellow and dusty
It was hot in summers and cold in winters
(Rooms tend to be like that)
It was twelve feet by ten
And the furniture creaked
And in some shady crevice
A lizard family eked
Out an existence subsisting
On nightly insect invaders.
But the world was young
And I was happy
And I sang to it
(For the walls had ears).

Now the room is clean
And a shining white
The crevices have been filled up.
But the world is old
And I sing no more
For the walls regard me with brooding silences
And listen not.

I had an old friend
He talked and laughed
And put his finger up his nostril
And said things like
“Let us join the revolution, comrade”
Or “What happens if I press this button?”
Sometimes “Shut the **** up, ************”
Or “Ok, I won’t press it again”
We danced to new songs
And played new games
And cackled evilly
As little action figures
Died in their make-believe cars
Because they hadn’t strapped their
Make-believe belts.
And I sang to him
(For he had ears).

Now that friend
Puts his hands in his pockets
And says to me
“Nice to meet you”.
And I cackle no more
For the joke is old
And I’m not sure it’s a joke anymore.