Concrete Poetry: Leaf

Some more concrete poetry. Click the image for higher resolution.


8 thoughts on “Concrete Poetry: Leaf”

  1. Wow, this is really good, I really like it, not just ‘Like’ button like it. I’m one to dislike most poetry I see, but that said, this one is really good, and I think a simple shape like this suits it. The leaf is a good symbol for it too…it’s sort of a faster microcosmic cycle within the larger, slower one of the tree it grows on and falls from. But of course you know that, the poem’s all about that. The colors fit too, kinda autumnal, but faded, like it’s been a while since it fell from the tree.

    I could go on – and on and on – but I’ll keep this short. Would you mind if I reblogged this? Once I figure out how?

    1. Glad you liked it so much, and yeah, all that you see in the poem is definitely intentional. Greatly pleases me to see someone noticed all of that!

      Of course you can reblog it, just be sure to credit the source. 🙂

      1. Done, and credited, thank you 🙂

        Not sure how credits are usually done here on WP, so if you’d prefer I did it differently, I’m more than happy to edit it.

      1. no! really! sounds trite, but (perhaps i’m fatigued and late in the day, and …) but FIRST OF ALL I WANT TO EMPHASIZE that for me, at least, no comment can mirror nor shed light nor describe what you said, any further. i felt like i lived an entire life in the proverbial “grain of sand”, or in this case, heh, the leaf. sad (he says with a grin) — like my life entering the autumnal forest …

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