Dedicated to Paul, the psycho-ic Octopus

Photograph by David Doubilet

Paul, or Pablo as many now wish to call him, has taken the world by storm. From cooks to corporates, nobody can stop talking about him. How then can I?

I did some octopus hunting on my favourite site, and came up with:

8 fun facts about the octopus:

  1. An octopus has not one, not two, but THREE hearts! ~
  2. “Using a network of pigment cells and specialized muscles in its skin, the common octopus can almost instantaneously match the colors, patterns, and even textures of its surroundings. Predators such as sharks, eels, and dolphins swim by without even noticing it.” ~ National Geographic
  3. “When discovered, an octopus will release a cloud of black ink to obscure its attacker’s view, giving it time to swim away. The ink even contains a substance that dulls a predator’s sense of smell, making the fleeing octopus harder to track.” ~ National Geographic
  4. Since octopuses (or octopi as some say) have no bones at all, they can squeeze through remarkably tiny openings to escape predators. Even a fully grown adult can squeeze through a hole no larger than a coin! ~ Wild About the World
  5. An octopus can move by squirting water rapidly through a tube – jet propulsion, in essence. In fact, this is one of the functions of two of its hearts. ~
  6. Octopuses have great eyesight, but are deaf. ~ Stumblerz
  7. “If all else fails, an octopus can lose an arm to escape a predator’s grasp and regrow it later with no permanent damage.” ~ National Geographic
  8. “If the octopus’s prey is hard-shelled, the octopus punctures the shell by drilling with its tongue, which is covered in small, sharp teeth.” ~ Wonder Club

Lame Paul Joke:

Q: Why is Paul not scared of death threats?
A: Because he’s deaf!

Artist’s impression of an Octopus


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