Questions of the TCS IT Wiz

Here is a list of some of the questions asked in the written round:

  1. Which free-content source was created by Jimmy Wales?
  2. Which Indian group owns SerWiz Solutions?
  3. Who is the database king, owner of the largest database company in the world?
  4. Who wrote the book ‘Free as in Freedom’?
  5. Which company’s slogan is “Experience Certainty”?
  6. Which company did Thomas Watson Jr and Thomas Watson Sr build?
  7. Which company bought out the computer division of the above-mentioned company?
  8. Which company manufactures the Turion chip?
  9. Who is the chairman of the National Knowledge Commission and brought about the phone revolution?
  10. Who founded and also made the first free e-mail service?
  11. What IT education institute did Vijay Thadani found?
  12. bfone, Tarang, etc are services of which company?
  13. Expand AJAX.
  14. What does CODEC stand for?
  15. What laptop brand does Hrithik Roshan sell in India?
  16. What does DSL stand for?
  17. Which Indian cricketer has started a website called “Stump Vision” for games?

The rest were all visuals regarding companies’ logos.
Answers in the next post.


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